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Thank you for your interest in partnering with X3E. We are assembling an innovative network of certified solar installers to drive high quality, location based lead generation for both residential and commercial solar customers.

Our installation partners benefit from a vetted source of solar construction leads in their area, coupled with a robust platform from which to handle. All available on your smartphone.

Benefits include:solar-872591_1920

  • Prequalified leads direct to your inbox (credit and property)
  • No cost to begin
  • Location based services
  • Prescreen with user data to help you generate quotes quickly and efficiently
  • Secure, customizable console to manage all your active leads and jobs

Only pay for jobs you build. If you do not build a project you don’t pay for the lead.

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Installer Qualifications

X3Exchange (“X3E”) only partners with NABCEP certified installers for our SolarDirect lead referral system. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the applicant is representing they are a board certified NABCEP installer in good standing with experience installing photovoltaic solar arrays. Installer must carry required liability insurance coverage and industry standard coverage to carry out any services with which they represent according to local, governing jurisdictions in order to be eligible to receive leads. From time to time X3E will request proofs of coverage and licensure.

Receipt of Leads

Installers, through the application process, can identify if they would like to receive leads for residential PV, commercial PV or both. By opting into either or both of these categories leads will be sent to the installers registered email. These leads will also be available in the installers custom dashboard located at

Installer Dashboard

Each registered X3E installation partner will receive all leads by email, which will managed through the dashboard located at Installer agrees to promptly manage any status changes related to these leads including updating jobs as being “in progress” or “sold”. Further, the installer agrees to promptly and accurately complete the Job Checkout Form, which informs X3E that the job has been built and associated details such as system size, final price and/or lease terms.

Installer Job Bids

As an X3E installation partner you have the right to bid, or not bid, on each job lead that arrives to your dashboard. Installer bids submitted to customers through X3E are non-binding so don’t hesitate to make assumptions if certain information is not available. That can be refined later. Do not let your job leads sit idle. It’s bad for the network and results in lower ratings for you, the installer. However, if you do not respond, they will be redirected to another installer within 72 hours and you will lose the opportunity.

Rules about Contacting Leads

X3E Network Installers are not allowed to contact Leads directly until that information is made available to the installer by X3E. Installers may place bids based on the information they are provided. If you have additional questions prior to placing the bid please contact X3E. Once your bid has been reviewed and accepted by the customer you may then contact them directly to organize site visits and discuss additional project details. Remember your bids are non-binding so don’t worry about overthinking the process.

Payment for Services

The X3E does not get paid based on number of leads generated. The service is no cost. The X3E only gets paid once the installer is paid and the job is closed. The installer will be invoiced based on total job value at a rate of five percent (5%), or if a lease, five percent (5%) of the discounted value of the payments at LIBOR plus, including any additional payments or deposits. Payments are due to the X3E within 30 days of invoice from the X3E. The X3E tracks job progress based on status updates from the installer’s dashboard. Installers must update all “Completed” jobs within 14 days of receipt of payment. Failure to mark a job as “completed” within 14 days of receipt of payment is a violation of X3E policy.

Installer Termination of Affiliation

Installer may opt out of the SolarDirect Lead Generation program at any time. However any pending jobs generated through Solar Direct Lead Generation will still be property of X3E. At any point during the installers enrollment in the SolarDirect Lead Generation platform that he/she is no longer NABCEP compliant, or active in the solar installation business, affiliates are no longer compliant and required to report the change of status to X3E.

Warranties and Representations

X3E makes no warranties or representations on behalf of the underlying leads. We do attempt to prequalify and do remove leads from the system. X3E is not affiliated beyond lead generation of installer and does not warrant or represent the quality or completeness of installers work or business. X3E reserves the right to revoke installer affiliation with the Solar Direct Lead Generation Platform.