Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna makes pasta with her mother

sewa mobil mewah jakartaHer mom’s already the celebrated author of multiple cookbooks.

Now Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna looks like she’s ready to become a chef when she’s all grown up.

The 33-year-old model shared some cute videos to Instagram of her three-year-old daughter flattening dough for a tasty pasta dinner on Friday.

Talented tot: Chrissy Teigen, 33, shared adorable videos to Instagram Friday of her daughter Luna, three, making pasta

Chrissy started off with a video of Luna sitting atop the white granite countertop in a cute set of silky silver pajamas.

‘Show me these pajamas. They’re so beautiful,’ gushed the wife of John Legend. 





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Share ‘Yeah,’ chirped Luna nonchalantly.

The little tyke wiggled around for Sewa mobil mewah Jakarta the camera to show off her outfit. 

Stylish kid: Chrissy’s first video featured Luna showing off her cute silky silver pajamas

Cooking up a storm: In the second video, Luna was hard at work with a strip of thin dough

Yum! She was totally self-sufficient, placing the dough in the pasta roller and flattening it before cutting it into noodles

In the second video, Luna was hard at work with a strip of thin dough.

She was totally self-sufficient, placing the dough in the pasta roller and flattening it before cutting it into noodles.

The Lip Sync Battle host didn’t mention what kind of food they were making, though there’s a good chance it’s one included in her popular cookbooks.

On the road: Chrissy’s charming domestic scene came after a short family vacation with her husband John Legend and the kids

Makes sense: Rather than staying in a hotel and going back and forth, she and John decided to rent an RV to keep all of their baby supplies in one place

That was quick: A second video from the trip featured a shatter passenger window, only five minutes after she recorded a chipper John strapping the kids in

Chrissy was back home following a short trip to a friend’s house.

Rather than staying in a hotel and going back and forth, she and John decided to rent an RV to keep all of their baby supplies in one place.

The trip didn’t go as planned, though. Chrissy posted one video showing a smiling John getting the kids put in their car seats, but a second video shot five minutes later showed the RV’s passenger window shattered.

Growing up: In addition to documenting her daughter’s path to become a foodie, Chrissy also caught a major milestone from her son Miles, one

Miles-stone:The future Chrissy’s Court star recorded him playing with his toys on a coffee table, before he started totter toward her. ‘I think I just got his first real steps!’ she gushed

In addition to documenting her daughter’s path to become a foodie, Chrissy also caught a major milestone from her son Miles, one.

The future Chrissy’s Court star recorded him playing with his toys on a coffee table, before he started totter toward her.

‘I think I just got his first real steps!’ she gushed.

Miles even took a few extra steps, heading back to where he started to keep playing. 

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